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Aftermath from summer fires

Here in California, we encounter wildfires every summer and often reach up into the triple digits. It’s a norm around here that for every fire expect a mudslide or flooding. I honestly hope that the residents up north are safe and ok. For more…

A sunny day in California 

I was out chilling at the local haunted hotel called Hotel Del Coronado. Besides it being packed and very crowded, I was able to find a spot on the beach and tan for a hot minute. This is what summer in California looks like.

Before and After Photos of California’s Drought Are Staggering to See

California looks a bit unfamiliar to residents these days: following historic rainfall, the state’s landscape has bloomed, bringing life to its formerly brown hills dogged by drought. On April 7, California Governor Jerry Brown officially lifted the state’s emergency water provisions, thus declaring an…

Monday morning 

​​ My typical morning commute, but traffic is heavier this morning.

A rainy Sunday in Califas

I thought we were gonna have a typical rainy afternoon, but mother nature had a different plan for us. Thunder, lightning and hail, that’s right HAIL! ONLY IN CALIFORNIA!!

Looks like a storm is a coming..

Lately we’ve been getting some powerful storms in socal-we can’t complain because we need the water but man do they reek havoc on the roads!!