Barite and UV reactive Fluorite

Repost from @themineralcollective – Those are some seriously amazing phantoms in this very glassy Phantom filled with Barite and UV reactive Fluorite cluster from the Huangshaping Mine, Guiyang Co., Hunan Province, China.

Azurite with Dolomite

From Tsumeb Mine, Namibia – gemmy and in beautiful blue color.


She loves to sleep all day, but when. I need her to work she does an awesome job!!

8 Tips for Communicating with Bipolar

More difficult to find than a cure for bipolar is someone who will listen. Not just hear you, but actually listen. Those of us with bipolar typically have an abundance of thoughts and feelings rolling around in our heads. 469 more words

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Hey Folks!

I thought I’d share this post with all of you. This will help you understand people who suffer from bipolar disorder.


I left my straitjacket at home again, dangit! In all seriousness, yes, people say this to me. No, I do not think they are trying to be mean. 63 more words

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Repost from @proper_gems using @RepostRegramApp – Beautiful Blue Cap Tourmaline with Smoky Quartz and Clevelandite from a recent find in Afghanistan Message @proper_gems for more info #bluecap #purp #afghan #minerals #rocks #stones #juice #proper #420 #tourmaline #gemporn #mineralporn #quartz

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Locality: Navegadora claim, Conselheiro Pena, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Size: 8 x 5 x 3.2 cm

Photo Copyright © Saphira Minerals

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