Can we really resurrect the woolly mammoth?

A museum worker checks the hair on this woolly mammoth replica

Jurassic Park imagined a future in which it was possible to bring dinosaurs back to life. Now, that fiction may become reality as geneticists seek to resurrect the woolly mammoth.These Ice Age herbivores, whose closest living relatives are the Asian elephant, lived on several northern continents and had a thick, furry coat that protected against the extreme cold. The shaggy animals went extinct about 4,000 years ago, but the current revolution in genetics—which is combating aging, eradicating diseases, and even allowing parents to create “designer babies”—may change that.

Now I’m not sure if it’s possible, but just imagine how many of the world’s extinct animals we can bring back including these:

  1. Saber-tooth Cat
  2. Dodo
  3. Great Auk
  4. Tasmanian Tiger
  5. West African Black Rhinoceros

Oh my that would be insane!

Tasmanian Tiger

“Possible sightings of a Tasmanian tiger in northern Queensland has prompted scientists to undertake a search for the species thought to have died out more than 80 years ago. The last thylacine  (know as Benjamin) is thought to have died in Hobart zoo in 1936, and it is widely believed to have become extinct on mainland Australia at least 2,000 years ago. 

Recent sightings of large dog like animals that are not dingoes or foxes may suggest that thylacines are still alive. Many in Tasmania believe that the thylacine exist out in the deep bush, where no one ventures. 

For more about the tasmanian tiger click here

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