Can we really resurrect the woolly mammoth?

A museum worker checks the hair on this woolly mammoth replica

Jurassic Park imagined a future in which it was possible to bring dinosaurs back to life. Now, that fiction may become reality as geneticists seek to resurrect the woolly mammoth.These Ice Age herbivores, whose closest living relatives are the Asian elephant, lived on several northern continents and had a thick, furry coat that protected against the extreme cold. The shaggy animals went extinct about 4,000 years ago, but the current revolution in genetics—which is combating aging, eradicating diseases, and even allowing parents to create “designer babies”—may change that.

Now I’m not sure if it’s possible, but just imagine how many of the world’s extinct animals we can bring back including these:

  1. Saber-tooth Cat
  2. Dodo
  3. Great Auk
  4. Tasmanian Tiger
  5. West African Black Rhinoceros

Oh my that would be insane!

Rogue Elephant captured 

A rampaging male elephant that has killed nine Indian villagers in two years has been sent to ‘rehab’ after being captured with the help of four specially trained beasts. 

The 40-year-old animal was spotted grazing close to a river near Attappadi Hills, in Palakkad district of Kerala sparking a tense six-hour attempt to move it to a wildlife centre. 
The elephant had wreaked havoc among the 150 tribal dwellers of the Attappadi Reserve Forest, a protected area spread across 100 sq miles, trampling nine to death in the space of two years.

Am I the only person who has a difficult time comprehending as to why a country who holds elephants in HIGH regard would treat these creatures like this. And one wonders why elephants go on rampages.

To red more about this “rogue elephant” that killed villagers and pictures of its capture click here.

Hunting Big Game: Why People Kill Animals for Fun

“The big beast stood like an uncouth statue, his hide black in the sunlight; he seemed what he was, a monster surviving over from the world’s past, from the days when the beasts of the prime ran riot in their strength, before man grew so cunning of brain and hand as to master them.”

Theodore Roosevelt, former U.S. president and renowned big-game hunter, waxed poetic about a massive bull rhinoceros in his 1910 book, “African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist,” after glimpsing the rhino during a safari in British East Africa and the Belgian Congo earlier that year. [In Photos: A Museum Honors Teddy Roosevelt]
For more on why we kill big game for fun click here.

Happy World Turtle Day! 

If you have an affinity for sea turtles, May 23rd — World Turtle Day — quite likely could be a special occasion for you.

The purpose of World Turtle Day — founded by American Tortoise Rescue in 2000 — is to raise awareness and respect for turtles and tortoises and encourage human action to help them survive.

For more on world turtle day click here.

Elephant Kills Big Game Hunter Theunis Botha In Africa

A big-game trophy hunter was killed in Africa last week during an encounter with a herd of elephants.

Theunis Botha, 51, died on Friday in Zimbabwe, South Africa’s News24 reported, citing Netwerk24.

Botha, who owned an outfitting company, was walking with some other hunters when they came across a group of breeding elephants. The elephants charged the hunters and Botha opened fire. For more on this story click here.

I’ve said it time after time, wild animals are wild animals. Do I feel sad for this big game hunter, nope. First and foremost, African elephants are ENDANGERED. Why oh why do we need to hunt and kill them? Don’t you think that have seen and experienced enough trauma in their lives already? They are being hunted and butchered for their ivory, leaving many heard without mothers or bulls that will help continue to increase population. If it’s not the low land gorillas, Bengal Tigers, rhinos-when is this going to stop?!? Soon we will have no more elephants or rhinos and our children’s children won’t know how beautiful and majestic these creatures are. 

Sea Lions In California Are Dying From A Toxic Algae That Ravages Their Brains

This is the “worst year ever” for the toxin linked to higher water temperatures and pollution, experts warn. Algae so toxic that it’s causing fatal brain damage in California sea lions is the latest problem plaguing ocean animal rescue operations along the Pacific coast. Domoic acid poisoning is emerging as a key threat this year to the animals that ingest the toxin while eating fish and other sea creatures that feed on algae, rescue organizations in southern California warn. Some birds and dolphins have also been affected by the algae, which authorities warn can be harmful to humans who eat shellfish. 

The neurotoxin that the Pseudo-nitzschia algae produces can destroy the brains of sea lions until they no longer know basic survival functions, such as how to evade predators and find food. It can cause sea lions to have seizures and paralysis, while one of the key signs of this dementia is when they are seen rolling their heads repeatedly. 

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Elephant that killed its handler after being unshackled is shot

The 60-year-old bull elephant, called Atork, had his chains released for tourists. They were visiting Cambodia and wanted better pictures of them with the animal. Owner Choeung Team followed Atork and was found trampled by villagers. Police opened fire after the elephant went on the rampage. The 60-year-old bull elephant, called Atork, took two hours to die after police opened fire with AK-47 weapons.

For more on this story please click here.

Tasmanian Tiger

“Possible sightings of a Tasmanian tiger in northern Queensland has prompted scientists to undertake a search for the species thought to have died out more than 80 years ago. The last thylacine  (know as Benjamin) is thought to have died in Hobart zoo in 1936, and it is widely believed to have become extinct on mainland Australia at least 2,000 years ago. 

Recent sightings of large dog like animals that are not dingoes or foxes may suggest that thylacines are still alive. Many in Tasmania believe that the thylacine exist out in the deep bush, where no one ventures. 

For more about the tasmanian tiger click here

The Eagle Trainer

I found this guy on instagram, @meagletrainer he is awesome and he trains birds of prey. I find these creatures majestic and they remind me of freedom. Go check him out on instagram you’ll see what I mean!!! 

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