Shapeshifter Card of the day 

Card: The Dreamer

Meaning: 23 The Dreamer

Birds fly freely, representing the boundless potential of the Dreamer’s mind. Representing the folklore of the swan to beautiful maiden transformation, standing in the Gs position holding the full moon, surrounded by patterns of three. 

Nature mirrors the mind – there is no separation from dreaming and waking. This is a card of conscious and waking dreams, lucid dreaming. A time of deeper communication with all your parts. Be mindful of what you dream; dreams have a way of coming to fruition.

Shapeshifter Card of The Day

Morning folks!

Card of the day: Rebirth 

Meaning: Transformation, release, renewal. Perpetual change, renewal. Letting go of outworn habits and behaviours. A card of active participation in the archetypal processes.

Shapeshifter Card of The Day

Morning folks!

Card of the day: Star

Meaning: Illumination, inspiration, psychic energy. A card of pioneering ideas, new knowledge, hopes and ideals, the Star is a promise of fulfillment, inspiration and spiritual love. Self-deception and conflict no longer serve you. ///Hope. Aspiration. Ambition. Reaching for the stars kind of optimism. getting your wish. Star is a promise of fulfillment

I also have this tattooed on me, as I have a strong connection to it. 

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