End of World ‘IN WEEKS’ as signs ’10 Bible plagues to destroy Earth have started’

Do you believe that the world is coming to an end?

Now according to this article:
"THE end of the world is coming in weeks and the first of the Biblical 10 plagues have already been seen, according to extraordinary claims.
Conspiracists have long prophesied that a massive planet – called Planet X or Nibiru – will obliterate all life forms after smashing into Earth.
Paranormal researcher David Meade previously claimed the exact date of the collision will be October this year – just over eight weeks time."

Comment below and tell me what your thoughts are.

Crystal Cave Trail – Sequoia National Park, CA

The Crystal Cave Trail is a fairly creepy trail, located in the heart of a dense, dark cavern. While many visitors have explored the cave without incident, every year a few experience something that is truly terrifying.

It is said that these visitors have each witnessed seeing a pale, white slimy creature observing them from the large stalactites on the roof of the cave. These creatures are evil and devious in nature and will take advantage of any explorer who gets separated from the rest of their group.
A dozen visitors have claimed that the slimy creatures have stalked them around the twisting tunnels of the cavern. It’s believed that these horrendous beings attempt to get visitors lost so they can be attacked in the shadows where the creatures dwell.
Would you venture into crystal cave? Comment below and let me know.

Who would visit these HAUNTED ASYLUMS? 

My personal favorites are: 9,8,7,6,5,4,1

10-Penhurst Asylum
9-The Ridges (formerly Athens Lunatic Asylum)

8-Rancho Los Amigos

7-Rolling Hills Asylum 

6-Danvers Lunatic Asylum

5-Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 

4-Waverly Hills Sanitarium 

3-Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane

2-Byberry Mental Hospital 

1-Essex County Hospital

#hauntedasylums #hauntedhospitals #mentawards #dumpinggroundformentalretarded #death

Paranormal Tuesday-Navajo Chindi 

Chindi is a Navajo religious belief that a ghost is left behind after a person dies and is “everything bad with the person”. The Navajo say that if you come into contact with the deceased bones or possessions you will become I’ll or catch the “ghost sickness” and die. If the deceased died in their home, it is abandoned and believe that it now is haunted by a Chindi.

Do you believe that Chindi exist?

10 Most Haunted Places To Visit In San Diego

Many people agree that San Diego is one of the most beautiful places on the western side of the United States. But did you also know that it is home to many paranormal hot spots? Whether you’re planning a trip to the baseball stadium, or taking the kids to the children’s museum…or anywhere in between, you may just encounter something haunted, or even sinister.

Check out these 10 most haunted locations in San Diego:
10) Mormon Battalion Historic Site

9) Whaley House

8) Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

7) Del Mar Race Track

6) Cabrillo National Monument

5) Hotel Del Coronado

4) Old Point Loma Lighthouse

3) Torrey Pines State Park

2) San Diego Children’s Museum

1) Petco Park

I investigated 6 out of the 10 locations with Hotel del Coronado being my most favorite location! We captured conversations between 2 people, heard the door rattle then a click and it opened. But the best evidence ever was the apparition of a man standing next to our bed and Leilani get over staring at us.

For more about these haunted locations and learn their stores make sure you head over and check them out! 

Past Life-26th Dynasty 

I’ve been doing a journey with past life regression for some time now and this is from one of my sessions. It’s bits and pieces as I have yet to get a full picture.

I’m in a large room that opens out to a river, I’m looking down and I see stone floor and I’m wearing some type of gown with gold jewelry. I hear the hustle and bustle of women around me, though I am not sure as to who they are. I’m walking over to what seems to be a large table  with a map on top made of some weird texture. There are figurines laid out and this man tells me, who will be victorious. Reluctantly I tell him that his enemy will win, he proceeds to ask what magick can be done to sway it in his favor. I again tell him his empire will collapse. 

Now I am out walking with this man, who must of some sort of royal as to everyone held him high. As we walk I feel this sharp pain on the back of my head, I see myself falling toward the shore of the river the last think I hear is you betrayed me darkness surrounds me and I drift away with the flowing river surrounding me.

  • I want to say the time period is 625 bc, psmaitkl was Pharoah at the that time.
  • I was the only female sorcerer that served the Pharoah 
  • I had no family and I’m not sure where I came from
  • I want to call the rive the Nile but I can’t be 100% certain as its surroundings are blurred to me
  • This city can either be Merimda (?) or Naucratis (?)
  • I can see homes on either side of this river
  • This river flows directly into the palace

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