RA rant (there will be foul language in this rant)

We all know if suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis we all have our ups and downs. Some cocktails work while others make us sick to our stomach. But since when do we have to pay $467-$550 for 4 and I mean 4 auto-inject pens?!? 

I can’t afford that, shit that’s practically my entire paycheck! Let alone a visit ($110 office visit) to 2 of the 4 specialist I see. When I had medi-cal my medications and specialist visits were covered, but now that I earn more income they informed me that I need to roll over to Cover-California. It’s become a shark frenzy, the insurance companies hike up their rates and those who need to see specialists have to pay extra. I’m a high risk “customer” if I tell the insurance company the number of medication I fill a month or how may times I see a dr or how often I get blood work done I’d be given a plan at the highest rate.

It sucks for those who suffer from this autoimmune illness, it feels like we are restricted in which doctors we can see or what type of medication we can get that are “covered” by insurance. There has to be a better way of getting our medication at a reasonable price, some of us can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars living paycheck to paycheck.

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