How to Work with Your Ancestors


Learn how to work with your ancestors in your spiritual and/or witchcraft practice.

Honouring the departed and ancestors is commonly performed during Samhain and Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) ceremonies.

However, working with ancestors doesn’t have to be exclusively reserved for these days.

Working with ancestors can be a practice used in witchcraft, but isn’t exclusive to the practice.

You can create your own tradition and way of honouring your ancestors and decide how you want to work with them in your own practice.

Who are the ancestors and why work with the ancestors?

Ancestors can be people from your lineage such as distant relatives and those part of your family tree.

These can also be people from your cultural heritage that you share a commonality with. They can be viewed as elders in your cultural background.

Ancestors can provide guidance, wisdom and messages to help you in your every day life and your spiritual journey.

In a way, they…

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