My mother the sea witch 

As daughter of Yemaya I’m drawn to the ocean, it calls out to me, yet I have to be very careful as it can over take me. Yemaya will protect all her children and loves them, but at the same time she won’t let them go. We have to remind her that we are human and that we live on land. She is loving (I can be at times) but when she is angry she’ll destroy everything (her wrath is like a tsunami she comes in destroys everything in her path and leaves the same way). She will always be my guardian, myprotector she is my mother and I am her daughter. She has always been part of me, she’s there when I’m at my lowest and when I’m at my highest, she loves unconditionally. Without her I would have been lost at sea, she helps clear my mind and guides me on the right path. #mffyemaya #mimadreesyemaya #theseawitch #piratewitch #motherofall 

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