Rose Canyon fault is MORE dangerous than thought

The Rose Canyon fault in California generates powerful tremors almost twice as frequently as previously believed, and it could trigger a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. Pictured – Destruction after the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake hit Los Angeles in 1994 (stock image)

If you live in California then you’ve heard the saying quake country. We’ve all experienced a major quake in our life time. I remember the one quake that scared the life out of me.

Buildings collapsed as a result of the earthquake

It was January 17, 1994 the time was 4:30 on Martin Luther King Jr day, no school or work that day, saved thousands of lives in my opinion. Just imagine all those people that would have been on the freeways that collapsed! I didn’t sleep for days because I was scared that there would be another earthquake but stronger. 

According to seismologist Tom Rockwell “A powerful quake in the mid-to-upper 6s could cause liquefaction around San Diego and Mission bays and locally in Mission Valley, and cause the land to be offset across the fault, which would damage buildings.” The Rose Canyon fault stretches almost 40 miles, from San Diego bay in the south before veering offshore near La Jolla and reaching as far north as Oceanside. 

If you find earthquakes interesting or want to know more click here.

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