Rogue Elephant captured 

A rampaging male elephant that has killed nine Indian villagers in two years has been sent to ‘rehab’ after being captured with the help of four specially trained beasts. 

The 40-year-old animal was spotted grazing close to a river near Attappadi Hills, in Palakkad district of Kerala sparking a tense six-hour attempt to move it to a wildlife centre. 
The elephant had wreaked havoc among the 150 tribal dwellers of the Attappadi Reserve Forest, a protected area spread across 100 sq miles, trampling nine to death in the space of two years.

Am I the only person who has a difficult time comprehending as to why a country who holds elephants in HIGH regard would treat these creatures like this. And one wonders why elephants go on rampages.

To red more about this “rogue elephant” that killed villagers and pictures of its capture click here.

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