Past Life-26th Dynasty 

I’ve been doing a journey with past life regression for some time now and this is from one of my sessions. It’s bits and pieces as I have yet to get a full picture.

I’m in a large room that opens out to a river, I’m looking down and I see stone floor and I’m wearing some type of gown with gold jewelry. I hear the hustle and bustle of women around me, though I am not sure as to who they are. I’m walking over to what seems to be a large table  with a map on top made of some weird texture. There are figurines laid out and this man tells me, who will be victorious. Reluctantly I tell him that his enemy will win, he proceeds to ask what magick can be done to sway it in his favor. I again tell him his empire will collapse. 

Now I am out walking with this man, who must of some sort of royal as to everyone held him high. As we walk I feel this sharp pain on the back of my head, I see myself falling toward the shore of the river the last think I hear is you betrayed me darkness surrounds me and I drift away with the flowing river surrounding me.

  • I want to say the time period is 625 bc, psmaitkl was Pharoah at the that time.
  • I was the only female sorcerer that served the Pharoah 
  • I had no family and I’m not sure where I came from
  • I want to call the rive the Nile but I can’t be 100% certain as its surroundings are blurred to me
  • This city can either be Merimda (?) or Naucratis (?)
  • I can see homes on either side of this river
  • This river flows directly into the palace

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