San Onofre Bluffs

San Onofre Bluffs is another famous San Clemente camping spot in San Onofre State Beach. Popular with swimmers and surfers, it’s the closest you can get to the sandstone bluffs. It’s also one of the places in San Clemente where you can camp with ghosts.

If the stories are true, you may come across the ghosts of the Native Americans that once called San Onofre State Beach home. Nearby is Panhe, one of the oldest sacred, ceremonial, burial sites of the Acjachemen people.
Few campers have seen Native American ghosts appear and disappear near the campsite, especially at sunrise and sunset. A woman camping at the Bluffs claims she saw a shaman carry out a religious ritual. When her phone rang suddenly, the shaman glared her way before dematerializing.

For more on haunted camping sites in San Clemente click here.

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