MMP Rejections-my rant

I really hate working with the MMP department (corporate office) and since I’m annoyed with them I’m going to rant about it.

First and foremost I work for a restoration company-we handle water damages, mold damages and fire damages. Most of our business is from property management and insurance claims. But there comes a time when I so want to drive back to Memphis TN and punch the MMP department in the face!

  • They seem to be extremely picky on the naming convention ie: source of loss is correct but it’s incorrect to call it cause of source
  • We label a picture 2 air movers and 1 dehumidifier and they come back and tell me that we need to label it with the correct equipment. I’m like I just did that! Ugh!!!
  • Your post pictures don’t match up with your billing, please fix and really-upload. I’m like are you serious did you even look at the pictures????? 

I swear sometimes I get the feeling that when the the MMP department is busy they will just approve anything, but when they are SUPER SLOW they will nitpick everything.

Ok I’ve rented enough it’s time for me to call it a day and clock out to go home! 

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