Month: May 2017

RA rant (there will be foul language in this rant)

We all know if suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis we all have our ups and downs. Some cocktails work while others make us sick to our stomach. But since when do we have to pay $467-$550 for 4 and I mean 4 auto-inject pens?!?  I…

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Past Life-26th Dynasty 

I’ve been doing a journey with past life regression for some time now and this is from one of my sessions. It’s bits and pieces as I have yet to get a full picture. I’m in a large room that opens out to a…

Word of the day 

Whose afraid of injections? 

Happy Wednesday 

Now this is perfect! 

Paranormal question of the day

Today’s paranormal question: Do you believe graveyards/cemeteries are haunted?

Quote of the day

Do you agree with Albert Einstein?