Month: April 2017

Shapeshifter Card of The Day

Morning folks! Card of the day: Star Meaning: Illumination, inspiration, psychic energy. A card of pioneering ideas, new knowledge, hopes and ideals, the Star is a promise of fulfillment, inspiration and spiritual love. Self-deception and conflict no longer serve you. ///Hope. Aspiration. Ambition. Reaching…

In Cold Blood

Mystery of the Antarctic’s gruesome ‘Blood Falls’ solved after secret lake that’s been hidden for one million years is discovered.  A WOUND-LIKE gash that spurts red liquid out of a glacier has puzzled scientists since its discovery more than a century ago.  An Australian…

Sea Lions In California Are Dying From A Toxic Algae That Ravages Their Brains

This is the “worst year ever” for the toxin linked to higher water temperatures and pollution, experts warn. Algae so toxic that it’s causing fatal brain damage in California sea lions is the latest problem plaguing ocean animal rescue operations along the Pacific coast….

Dublin, Ireland

Originally posted on ravenhawks' magazine:
Around Scenic Dublin  Raise a glass of the brown stuff (Guinness) and take off on a trip to Dublin, Ireland and make a day of it. Dublin is a city steeped in history – boasting grand architecture, plenty of…


Originally posted on ravenhawks' magazine:
At just 2 meters tall, the Venta Rapid, or Ventas Rumba in Latvian, is one of the smallest waterfalls in the world. But its low height is compensated by its impressive width. via Venta Rapid: Europe’s Widest Waterfalls — ALK3R

How America executes its prisoners

“(CNN)Arkansas’ efforts to execute eight Death Row inmates in 11 days this month has refocused attention on the death penalty. Since peaking in 1999, executions in the US have been gradually declining amid controversy over whether lethal-injection methods are humane. Capital punishment is still…

Nuclear war has become thinkable again

As Trump faces down North Korea, it’s alarming to think that most of the world’s nuclear warheads are now in the hands of men who are prepared to use them. Last week, Donald Trump deployed his superweapon Moab, the “mother of all bombs” –…