Why We Need Planet Earth Now More Than Ever

*Dusk Magazine

Early 2006 brought the world the first high-definition nature documentary series, and one of the most expensive. Ten years later, wildlife enthusiasts were given a sequel: Planet Earth II. Substance aside, for now, one of the most captivating aspects was the change of cinematographic technology in ten years, now featuring animals in a stunningly crisp 4K high-def resolution and shooting intimately close shots never seen before of animals across, above, and underneath our landscapes.

We act on things we care about. At a time when science is under direct and constant assault—from snowball appearances in the Capitol to a slew of anti-environment legislation lined up for the upcoming Congressional session—we need to capture the populace’s attention like never before. And BBC’s Planet Earth series is doing the exact sort of work we need. If the government isn’t going to use science to influence public policy and excite the masses, we…

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