The Disappearance of Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder

*Dusk Magazine

While newly elected President Donald Trump is seeking control and censorship over the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) online presence with the removal of the Climate Change web page, he has not bee able to stifle the entirety of the agency’s environmental concerns.  One page that remains in place on the EPA’s website is on Colony Collapse Disorder, or the growing occurrence of honey bee hives suddenly dying.

In 2006 and 2007, beekeepers began to report their bee colonies were dying.  Not just a few colonies and not just a few beekeepers; This was widespread across the United States and loses of between 30-90 percent of hive individuals.  Economically acceptable levels of loss are anything lower than 18.7 percent.  This means that average of 42.1 percent for the year of April 2014 to April 2015 greatly exceeds what the beekeepers and  farmers expect. Beekeepers would open their hives to…

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